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Embark on a journey of unparalleled real estate excellence with Primon Properties. Our commitment to redefining industry standards and exceeding client expectations makes us a beacon of trust and innovation. At Primon, we don't just transact in properties; we craft experiences that resonate with our clients' unique needs and aspirations. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or investing, our array of specialised services covers the entire real estate spectrum. Welcome to Primon Properties, where your real estate goals meet unparalleled service.

Tailored Home Solutions:

Our residential expertise ensures personalised assistance in buying, selling, and leasing homes, crafting a seamless experience for homeowners and tenants alike.

Strategic Marketing:

Elevate your property's visibility with our targeted residential marketing strategies, designed to showcase the unique charm of homes and attract the right audience.

Home Loans and Financing:

Simplify the financial aspect of homeownership with our support in securing home loans and arranging finances tailored to your specific needs.

Joint Ventures:

Explore collaborative opportunities in the residential sector through our joint ventures, creating synergies for mutual growth.


Commercial Property Transactions:

Navigate the complexities of commercial real estate with our specialised services in buying, selling, and leasing commercial spaces, ensuring strategic decisions for your business.

Project Marketing:

Propel your commercial ventures to success through our dynamic project marketing, tailored to enhance the visibility and desirability of your commercial properties.

Legal Consultation:

Safeguard your commercial investments with our legal consultation services, ensuring compliance with regulations and mitigating potential risks.

Valuation Services:

Accurately assess the value of your commercial property with our comprehensive valuation services, aiding in informed decision-making.


Retail Space Optimisation:

Unlock the full potential of retail spaces with our expertise, focusing on strategic leasing, maximising foot traffic, and creating an environment conducive to retail success.

Legal Compliance:

Seamlessly navigate the legal landscape of retail real estate with our comprehensive legal services, ensuring adherence to regulations and safeguarding your retail investments.

Tenant Selection Assistance:

Choose the right tenants for your retail property with our tenant selection assistance, ensuring compatibility with your brand and long-term success.


Strategic Marketing Consultation:

Elevate your property marketing with our strategic consultancy, aligning your marketing efforts with industry trends and maximising impact.

Digital Marketing Solutions:

Leverage the power of digital platforms with our tailored digital marketing solutions, reaching a wider audience and driving engagement for your projects.

Market Research and Insights:

Make informed decisions with our market research and insights, providing a deep understanding of market trends and buyer preferences.


Vacation Home Buying and Selling

Entrust the discovery of your holiday home to Primon Properties. We ensure that your second home remains a worry-free sanctuary, whether it's for personal use or as a vacation rental.

Investment Advisory for Holiday Properties:

Explore the potential of your second home as a lucrative investment with our expert advisory services. Primon Properties provides insights into market trends, rental potential, and strategic opportunities to maximize returns on your holiday property investment. Turn your second home into a smart financial asset with our tailored investment guidance.


Legal Services:

In navigating the complex realm of real estate transactions, having a seasoned legal expert by your side is paramount. Our in-house legal team specialises in real estate law, offering comprehensive services to ensure your interests are safeguarded. From drafting and reviewing contracts to providing expert legal advice, we're here to make your real estate journey legally sound and secure.

Architectural Services:

Elevate your living or working spaces with our in-house architectural expertise. Our dedicated team of skilled architects brings creativity and functionality together to transform spaces into personalized havens. Whether you're looking to revamp your home or optimise your commercial property, our architects are here to turn your vision into reality. From innovative designs to efficient space planning, we add value to your real estate investment with thoughtful architectural solutions.

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“I had the pleasure of both buying and selling property with the help of Manish. All I can say is that the experience was effortless!! Manish is highly organised and detailed. He follows-up and follows through. His advice is well thought out and he allows you time to make your own decision. He wants what's best for you. I would highly recommend Manish to anybody wanting to transact real estate in South Mumbai."


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