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Consultancy Services

Interior Windows


Strategic Marketing Consultation

Elevate your property marketing with our strategic consultancy, aligning your marketing efforts with industry trends and maximising impact.


Digital Marketing Solutions

Leverage the power of digital platforms with our tailored digital marketing solutions, reaching a wider audience and driving engagement for your projects.


Market Research and Insights

Make informed decisions with our market research and insights, providing a deep understanding of market trends and buyer preferences.


“I had the pleasure of both buying and selling property with the help of Manish. All I can say is that the experience was effortless!! Manish is highly organised and detailed. He follows-up and follows through. His advice is well thought out and he allows you time to make your own decision. He wants what's best for you. I would highly recommend Manish to anybody wanting to transact real estate in South Mumbai."


Entrepreneur and Choreographer

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